Why can't I add a file?

  1. Check your account balance. Negative balance disables add and download functions.
  2. Clear your browser cache.
  3. Clear the cookie.
  4. If you use the API, check that the commands match the documentation.
  5. Contact Support.

Why is the file not downloading?

  1. Check the speed limit.
  2. Check your account balance. Negative balance disables download functions.
  3. Contact Support.

How to make up your balance?

  1. Go to the expense page.
  2. Enter the amount in the "pay" field.
  3. Follow the instructions of the processing center.

How to restrict public access to files?

  1. By default, all files are public, i.e. available to users by link.
  2. To prohibit downloading a file without a signature, set the "Available only via direct link" parameter.
  3. Add signature generation code to links.

How to add a file?

  1. Through the file management interface.
  2. Via API:
    1. POST request,
    2. link.

How to manage traffic rate?

  1. Set the speed limit for the file.
  2. Configure file restrictions using link signing.

How is load balanced?

  • The user's browser contacts the CDN with a request to serve a public or direct link.
  • CDN selects the optimal server based on the current load.
  • A response code 302 is returned to the user, containing a link pointing to the selected server.
  • The user's browser accesses the received link.
  • The CDN server returns the requested content.

Why by exposing the file the parameter "Available only by signed link" I can still download it?

  • This restriction does not apply to authorized user-owners.